Lunaphore at the 7th Immunotherapy of Cancer Conference


Lunaphore at the 7th Immunotherapy of Cancer Conference

The 7th Immunotherapy of Cancer Conference is going virtual and Lunaphore is participating in the event. Featuring the latest developments in cancer immunotherapy, the conference represents a global forum for discussion of translational research in the field of immuno-oncology.

Our products and technology for in-situ tissue analytics will be featured in a LIVE Satellite Symposium as well as in an ePoster presentation.

Joining the two presentations you will learn more on:

  • The key features of our microfluidic precision circuit combined with instantaneous temperature control;
  • How we automate staining and imaging of hyper-plex immunofluorescence assays;
  • How to perform immunofluorescence multiplexing in short timeframes using off-the-shelf, label-free antibodies.

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LIVE Satellite Symposium
“Rapid hyper-plex staining and simultaneous imaging for immunophenotyping of tissue sections”

Speaker: Diego Dupouy, Ph.D.
When: 3 Oct 2020 | 11:45 CEST – afterwards on-demand.

The simultaneous detection of biomarkers on tissue samples plays a fundamental role in the study of the tumor microenvironment. Multiplexed immunofluorescence tools have demonstrated to be key enablers in these endeavors. Available techniques to perform high-plex staining require intensive manual handling, are highly time-consuming or require special labeling of primary antibodies. Here we present a highly automated, extremely rapid hyper-plex approach to stain and image tissue samples using label-free primary antibodies in combination with off-the-shelf fluorescently labeled secondary antibodies.

ePoster presentation
“Fast automated microfluidic-based multiplexed immunofluorescence for tumor microenvironment analysis”

Speaker: Alexandre Kehren, M.Sc.
When: On-demand, 2-3 Oct 2020 | P03.07

Immuno-oncology and targeted molecular therapies have acquired a central role in the treatment of multiple cancers. Consequently, high-throughput biomarker analysis and tumor immune profiling have seen increased demand. Multiplexed immunoassays are a powerful tool to address these needs, but still time- and resource-consuming. Here we present how we developed a fast and automated high-plex fluorescent immunostaining procedure, using a microfluidic-based device, that can be easily implemented as a routine assay.

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