Immunology 2022

Event: Immunology 2022
Join us at Immunology 2022 and attend our presentation.

Join us at Immunology 2022 in Portland, OR. Visit booth #548 and discover the only spatial biology multiplex solution which does not require any upstream conjugation or barcoding. Learn how to minimize validation challenges and get superior reproducibility for your multiplex assays.

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Title: Turn a standard immunofluorescence assy into spatial proteomics

Date: May 8, 2022 – 11:15 AM

Speaker: Dr. James Denegre – Field Application Specialist, Lunaphore

Abstract: Lunaphore brings new ways of utilizing any standard reagents to perform multiplex immunofluorescence assays, empowering researchers with a slide-in data-out approach. In this workshop, we will present our recent advancements highlighting COMET™, a walk-away staining and imaging solution that enables single-cell analysis, up to 40 biomarkers on the same slide. Attendees will also check and discuss data on the impact of using this ground-breaking technology to minimize assay development time and move faster in deciphering the immune microenvironment.

Find us at booth number #548, where we will be featuring Lunaphore’s COMET™ instrument and performing live demonstrations.


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