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Evaluate the potential of Lunaphore's innovative technology and accelerate your spatial biology research. With Access Lab, easily assess the COMET™ and LabSat® platforms in order to adopt the technology. Our specialists will recommend how to get the best of our solutions.

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Contact us to discuss your research requirements and how our solutions can be implemented efficiently in your lab. We will work with you to come up with the best plan.

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Our scientists generate the data, reports and answers you need to select the right technological solution for your spatial biology research.

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Our specialists will discuss with you the next steps for adopting the most suitable Lunaphore platform for your spatial biology breakthoughs.

Access Lab solutions

COMET™ — An automated full-stack solution for visualizing multiple markers within a day

Streamline your high-throughput spatial biology experiments, assess how COMET™ can solve your challenges including tissue sensitivity over multiple cycles, lack of tissue flexibility, lengthy and difficult optimization of new markers, and multiplexing hurdles.


Tissue sensitivity
Tissue sensitivity

Show tissue preservation with sequential IF technology

Demonstrate that sensitive tissue can be used to generate high-quality automated staining with COMET™ while preserving tissue morphology. Assess the epitope stability of up to 2 markers (DAPI can be included).

High-plex demonstration
High-plex demonstration

Show transferability of validated high-plex panel to tissue of choice

Demonstrate a high-plex staining up to 20-plex based on Lunaphore’s list of verified marker staining protocols on a tissue of choice. An optional addition to increase cohort size is available.

New marker optimization
New marker optimization

Show single marker optimization workflow

Demonstrate the detailed process of optimization of any single marker on a tissue of choice to demonstrate the ease of marker optimization workflow.

Marker panel integration
Marker panel integration

Show integration of new customer markers into a panel

Demonstrate the integration of up to 2 new markers combined with 13 from Lunaphore’s list of verified marker staining protocols into a 15-plex staining on a tissue of choice.

LabSat® — Optimize your spatial biology protocols in record time

With our optimized processes and protocols, evaluate LabSat® with regards to challenges such as implementation of automation in your lab, lengthy optimization, tissue sensitivity, and multiplexing hurdles.

LabSat® Menu

Automation implementation
Automation implementation

Show how to automate manual IHC and IF protocols

Demonstrate how a manual staining can be transferred to a single-plex IHC or 2-plex IF staining with any markers on a tissue of choice.

Gentle tissue staining
Gentle tissue staining

Show tissue integrity preservation with sequential IF technology

Demonstrate that a panel of up to 4 markers (+DAPI), combining 3 from Lunaphore’s list of verified marker staining protocols with any other biomarker, can be transferred to the specific tissue with a high degree of tissue preservation.

Multiplex stack
Multiplex stack

Show TSA-based multiplex IHC staining on a whole tissue slide with Opal®

Demonstrate a multiplex staining with up to 3 markers (+DAPI), combining 2 from Lunaphore’s list of verified marker staining protocols with any other biomarker, on a tissue of choice on a full slide scan.

Multiplex assay development
Multiplex assay development

Show a multiplex TSA staining optimization with Opal®

Demonstrate the optimization of a multiplex staining with the 6 markers verified with Opal® for specific regions of interest on a tissue of choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, depending on the project. Our team is ready to answer your questions for a tailored project plan.

The timeline depends on project complexity. For the majority of projects, expect 2-8 weeks from sample receipt.

Access Lab focuses on answering key technical and biological questions, on a limited number of samples, to ease the adoption of our technology.

Access Lab is meant for one-time technology assessment projects. We don't provide regular staining services.

We always protect the IP of our customers and collaborators. An NDA is arranged when needed.

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