COMET™ Multiomics

COMET™ Multiomics's product front view

Fully-automated, same-section, spatial RNA and protein detection with subcellular resolution

COMET™ enables the simultaneous spatial detection of RNA and protein on the same tissue section using RNAscope™ HiPlex Pro and sequential immunofluorescence (seqIF™) with off-the-shelf, non-conjugated primary antibodies. Thanks to the highly specific and sensitive detection of both targets, COMET™ provides valuable scientific insights into biomarkers that can be spatially resolved at single-cell level. The streamlined, end-to-end workflow ensures assay reproducibility and saves time in assay development and execution.

True spatial multiomics

Same-section multiomics

Integrate and correlate spatial RNA and protein data at single-cell level.

Fully-automated workflow

From target probe hybridization and protein detection to imaging in the same run. Click start and walk away, with up to 4 slides per run.

Any target

Choose virtually any RNA and protein target. Full flexibility to meet your research needs.

Protease-free, fully-automated multiomics workflow

A fully integrated system across target probe hybridization, staining, image acquisition and image pre-processing.


A universal solution from discovery to translational research

Replace unspecific or unavailable antibodies with RNA targets
Perform studies on:
  • secreted molecules, e.g. cytokine and chemokine
  • cross-validation and co-expression
  • tumor microenvironment (TME), gene therapy and
    infectious diseases
  • predictive biomarkers and signature validation
  • any animal tissue (non-human, non-mice)