Our Partners

Advancing spatial biology solutions through strategic partnerships

At Lunaphore, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration. We advocate for joining forces with strategic partners to accelerate discovery and innovation in the field of spatial biology. We are proud to showcase our transformative partnerships that are driving advancements in spatial biology solutions. 

Our CRO partners:

Discovery Life Sciences is the company of Biospecimen and Biomarker Specialists, combining the world’s largest, well-characterized, commercial biospecimen inventory and procurement network with preeminent specialty lab services, including genomics, molecular pathology, proteomics, cell biology, and clinical flow cytometry services.

Driven by leading scientific expertise and use of innovative technologies, including COMET™ spatial biology platform, the Discovery team engages with customers to rapidly overcome obstacles and obtain results to help our clients make critical research and development decisions at market-leading speed. We are Science at your Service™!


The Nikon BioImaging Lab is a research and innovation hub established by Nikon in the Greater Boston area, Massachusetts with the overarching mission of providing contract imaging solutions, AI-enhanced analysis and bioassay development services to foster research and drug discovery.  Together, Lunaphore and the Nikon BioImaging Lab will be able to leverage their complementary expertise in microscopy-based imaging and analysis to bring COMET™ technology and spatial biology to the greater scientific community.

Propath UK is a specialist CRO providing research services in molecular pathology, spatial biology and histopathology for the global biopharmaceutical sector. The company offers a range of spatial proteomic and transcriptomic technologies, including the Lunaphore COMET™ platform for hyperplex imaging. It provides its biopharmaceutical research clients with unprecedented insights from tissue samples to answer biological questions. Lunaphore and Propath UK work closely to provide a flexible service that meets the needs of researchers spanning diverse disciplines. 

Sirona Dx is a technical CRO, a leader in multi-omics and single-cell analytical services. Sirona Dx offers Lunaphore’s flagship COMET™ spatial biology platform as a service. COMET™’s capacities allow the generation of high-quality and reproducible data on large cohorts of samples in days. It complements Sirona Dx’s portfolio of research service offerings to meet the needs of researchers and biopharma teams across various disciplines. 

Our Image Analysis partners:

Indica Labs is the world’s leading provider of computational pathology software and image analysis services. Indica Labs’ industry-leading HALO® and HALO AI software enable fast, AI-based quantitative analysis of whole slide images. Combined with the COMET™ platform, the HALO Highplex FL module allows researchers to quantify an unlimited number of fluorescent markers and cell phenotypes defined by their biomarker expression. Their partnership provides a complete technology solution for spatial biology and image analysis. 

Nucleai is an AI-powered spatial biology company with a mission to transform drug development and clinical treatment decisions by unlocking the power of pathology data. The combination of Nucleai’s platform and COMET™ provide laboratories with an integrated end-to-end spatial biology workflow from automated, hyperplex sequential immunofluorescence staining and imaging to AI-enabled, state-of-the-art image processing, and data analytics. Together they will derive new insights from tissue biopsies, including novel drug targets, mechanisms of action, and biomarkers to advance the field of precision medicine.

Visiopharm® is a world leader in AI-driven precision pathology software that support scientists, pathologists, and image analysis experts in academic institutions, the biopharmaceutical industry, and diagnostic centers. Their pioneering image analysis tools offer spatial biology research solutions with deep learning technology. The combination of Lunaphore’s COMET™,  and Visiopharm’s Phenoplex offers a complete end-to-end solution with hyperplex immunofluorescence staining, image acquisition, and subsequent analysis with deep learning.

Our Reagents partners:

Abcam is the leading supplier of protein research tools to life scientists. Lunaphore and abcam partnered to validate primary antibodies for use on COMET™, Lunaphore’s high-throughput automated staining platform. Using validated primary antibodies from a trusted antibody provider together with the multiplex capabilities of COMET™, researchers can accelerate assay development processes and achieve reliable results. The partnership also aims to address the reproducibility crisis in life sciences by providing trusted tools for multiplex immunofluorescence analysis.

Bethyl Laboratories, a Fortis Life Sciences company, is a provider of high-quality reagents and custom services for discovery, development, and manufacturing. Our partnership promotes the compatibility and expansion of Bethyl’s library of primary antibodies on the Lunaphore platform. Bethyl acquired a COMET™ instrument for use in its facilities and provides additional services to its customers using the Lunaphore platform. The company has already manufactured and validated over 35 antibodies for use on COMET™ and is carrying on to the expansion of this portfolio. They also provide access to Lunaphore’s SPYRE™ Antibody Panels, which can be combined with Bethyl antibodies for panel expansion. 

Cell Signaling Technology (CST) is a life science discovery technology company and leading provider of antibodies, kits, and services. CST is known for developing specific and sensitive antibodies that generate reproducible results — the product of its rigorous, application-independent validation process. The CST and Lunaphore partnership enables the use of over 1,700 IHC-validated antibodies from CST detected by fluorescent secondary antibodies for use on the COMET™, empowering researchers to develop antibody panels quickly and with confidence. With a comprehensive offering of primary rabbit and mouse antibodies, researchers relying on CST antibody products have the tools they need to enable fully automated hyperplex imaging at scale.