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Get inspired to build new assays with modular tools

Lunaphore’s SPYRE™ Antibody Panels target key immuno-oncology and immune markers to transfer immunofluorescence protocols into a COMET™ hyperplex assay with ease and accelerate biomarker identification and validation. Panels consist of label-free primary antibodies to avoid complex, time-consuming upstream conjugation steps. They are designed to support the research needs with maximum flexibility and minimum effort. They can be used as a basis for custom panel development since you can combine and expand them with any antibody from your own library to suit your specific research needs. Alternatively, you may use Lunaphore’s Panel Builder, an intuitive and convenient online tool. Benefit from pre-tested antibodies and integrate them with your SPYRE™ panel of choice, enabling you to create ready-to-use experimental protocols in silico.

The SPYRE™ Antibody Panel advantages

Modular panel building

Build custom panels of your required plex level.
Combine panel modules and “add-on” antibodies easily with the Panel Builder to address your biological questions.

Ready-to-use  protocols on COMET™

Obtain protocols designed for COMET™ from the Panel Builder and directly run them on the instrument.

Label-free antibodies

Leverage your existing antibody know-how and avoid complex, time-consuming upstream conjugations. Use clones with proven specificity.​

Custom hyperplex protocols in a few clicks

SPYRE™ Antibody Panels are available as four different kits for broad immunophenotyping of the tumor microenvironment and, together with the Panel Builder, support unparalleled speed in assay development on COMET™. Get started quickly by leveraging Lunaphore’s vast know-how with the SPYRE™ Antibody Panels for human FFPE samples and Lunaphore’s library of widely-used antibodies. Flexibly customize your panel by adding any new markers from your own library to suit your specific research needs.

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Human FFPE Tonsil tissue

Staining with: SPYRE™ IO Core Panel + CK. Protocol time: 6h30. Image post-processing: Background subtracted and brightness adjusted.

Leverage our expertise and accelerate your panel development with Panel Builder

The online Panel Builder provides exclusive access to a growing library of 50+ successfully tested antibodies providing all relevant information. It creates ready-to-use protocol files for COMET™ based on your desired SPYRE™ Antibody Panel and add-on markers from our library. In addition, panels can be further expanded with any antibody of your choice. This solution enables you to save time and streamline successful spatial biology experiments.

Utilizing SPYRE™ Antibody Panels has revolutionized our workflow. We've streamlined our optimization process from 15 to just 2 slides for the same 7 antibodies, saving time and valuable resources. The Panel Builder tool has made it simpler and faster to evaluate markers, allowing us to increase throughput without compromising quality. SPYRE™ provides the efficiency and flexibility we need to excel in our research, truly transforming our work.

Dr. Carolina Oses Sepulveda's profile portrait

Dr. Carolina Oses Sepulveda

Researcher and Lab Manager in Spatial Proteomic Unit in Scilifelab, KTH

Really pleased with how seamlessly I could integrate SPYRE™ Antibody Panels into my immunogenic cell death panel. Lunaphore provided an out-of-the-box optimized panel on COMET™ that required little-to-no adjustments.

Dr. Amine Majdi's profile portrait

Dr. Amine Majdi

Postdoctoral researcher, Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers, Paris, France