SPYRE™ Antibody Panels

Get inspired to build new assays with modular tools.

Custom hyperplex protocols in a few clicks​

The SPYRE™ Antibody Panels and the Panel Builder support unparalleled speed in assay development on COMET™. Get started quickly by leveraging Lunaphore’s vast know-how with the SPYRE™ Antibody Panels and Lunaphore’s library of widely-used, verified antibodies. Flexibly customize your panel by adding any new markers from your own library to suit your specific research needs.

The SPYRE™ Antibody Panel advantages

Modular panel building

Build custom panels of your required plex level.
Combine panel modules and “add-on” antibodies easily with the Panel Builder to address your biological questions.

Ready-to-use  protocols on COMET™

Obtain protocols designed for COMET™ from the Panel Builder and directly run them on the instrument.

Label-free antibodies

Leverage your existing antibody know-how and avoid complex, time-consuming upstream conjugations. Use clones with proven specificity.

Leverage our expertise and accelerate your panel development

The online Panel Builder provides exclusive access to a growing library of 50+ successfully tested antibodies providing all relevant information. It creates ready-to-use protocol files for COMET™ based on your desired SPYRE™ Antibody Panel and add-on markers from our library. In addition, panels can be further expanded with any antibody of your choice. This solution enables you to save time and streamline successful spatial biology experiments.

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