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Ultra-fast and automated immunohistofluorescent multistaining using a microfluidic tissue processor

G. Cappi Et al., Scientific Reports volume 9, Article number 4489, 2019


A microfluidic platform towards automated multiplexed in situ sequencing

N. Maïno Et al., Scientific Reports volume 9, Article number 3542, 2019


Microfluidics-based immunofluorescence for fast staining of ALK in lung adenocarcinoma

S. Brajkovic Et al., Diagnostic Pathology 2018 13:79, October 2018.


Microfluidics for rapid cytokeratin immunohistochemical staining in frozen sections

S. Brajkovic Et al., Laboratory Investigation 97, pages 983–991, May 2017.

Application Note

COMET™ Assay Validation


Microfluidic processor allows rapid HER2 immunohistochemistry of breast carcinomas and significantly reduces ambiguous (2+) read-outs

A.T. Ciftlik Et al., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS), volume 110, no. 14, pp. 5363-5368, 2013


Microfluidics-assisted fluorescence in situ hybridization for advantageous human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 assessment in breast cancer

H.T. Nguyen Et al., Laboratory Investigation 97, 93-103, January 2017