Marker Database

Embrace spatial biology effortlessly using your off-the-shelf antibodies with the flexibility provided by COMET™ and its SPYRE™ Antibody Panels

At Lunaphore, we prioritize quality and transparency. To ensure this, we have tested antibodies in-house from external suppliers and categorized them into the following groups, as shown in Figure 1. 

For qualified markers, a working antibody is identified, the protocol is optimized, and antibody specificity and sensitivity are assessed on a positive control tissue. 

For verified markers, protocol robustness is confirmed on several tissue types including tumoral tissues. 

Lunaphore has developed SPYRE™ Antibodies and SPYRE™ Antibody Panels, whose protocols are tested towards technical and biological repeatability and reproducibility.
In addition, the immunofluorescent staining is cross-validated against IHC as the gold standard, and antibodies are lot-to-lot tested to ensure consistent functionality.
SPYRE™ Antibodies are supplied and supported by Lunaphore.

Published markers are collected from external scientific publications using COMET™, including peer-reviewed and pre-print articles. They represent antibodies which have been successfully applied by COMET™ users. Please contact the authors of the study for more information. 

How to integrate a new marker? 

To enable a quick integration process with minimal user investment, customers receive exclusive access to the Panel Builder and Lunaphore library of marker protocol, including antibody information. 


The library of COMET™ markers keeps growing, and more published markers are reported to have been tested on COMET™ across different research projects:   


Markers in Lunaphore's library


Published markers

Download the COMET™ Marker Table to access the complete list of markers: