Spatial Solutions

Making spatial biology mainstream.

Our precision laboratory solutions simplify technology adoption.

Set up tumor analysis workflows to support your immuno-oncology research. Become productive in days, without previous knowledge.

Easy technology adoption

Use your standard, off-the-shelf antibodies

Integrate your validated antibody library, quickly and with flexibility.

Top quality, precision data for every lab

Perfect spatial uniformity combined with precision fluidics provide ideal results for quantitative or heterogeneity assays.

Get started and scale up your activities fast

Easily add new markers on our immuno-oncology panels.

Seamless onboarding and continuous support

Benefit from the comprehensive support of our team of experts.

The only solution without secrets

Our flexible technology eliminates the need for complex, conjugation-based reagents.

No imposed reagent libraries

We provide the open system. You select your own antibodies of choice.

No mystery formulations

Perform assays with standard reagents, including any off-the-shelf primary antibodies.

No need for conjugated antibodies

Forget about performing complex antibody conjugations to run your multiplex assays.

From discovery to clinical research

Use our versatile solutions for all stages of your research, including biomarker discovery, immuno-therapy development, and late-stage translational research, across different tissue types and targets.

Tissue Profiling

Sample in - spatial insight out

Perform tissue testing and analysis seamlessly:

  • Acquire the immune profiles of your tissues
  • Compare the disease’ spatial architecture with healthy tissue
  • Assess region-to-region and cell-to-cell interactions

Biomarker Discovery

From hypothesis to screening results

Increase your chances of succesful biomarker identification with multiplexing:

  • Identify new biomarkers with potential prognostic value
  • Identify new biomarkers involved in immune treatment response


Bring the power of data integration to your lab

Perform all your tests on the same tissue sample:

  • Validate your RNA data through protein expression
  • Use protein expression data to validate your screening results
  • Test your prediction models

Differential Treatment Evaluation

From biomarkers to actionable results

Use the same versatile solutions up to late-stage translational research:

  • Treatment impact on patient responsiveness
  • Effects of therapy on the immune environment

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