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Scientists trust data

At Lunaphore, we understand scientists and our technology enables researchers to obtain robust data to generate hypotheses, validate theories, and formulate new theses.   

On this page, you can explore our raw datasets in an interactive way to appreciate the uniformity of COMET™’s stainings and the high quality at the single-cell level.  The robustness of the COMET™ platform consists in our unique approach, called sequential immunofluorescence (seqIF™) that allows any researchers to perform high-quality hyperplex assays with no compromise on tissue morphology preservation.  

Hyperplex assay to streamline immuno-oncology research

Find out how to address your biological questions on the tumor microenvironment across different tumor types.  

Discover the flexibility of using one panel to detect 40 proteins with high-quality results for all markers across 8 tissue types.  

Learn how to study multiple cell phenotypes from a patient cohort in one run. 

Elution efficiency, tissue morphology and epitope stability

Check the optimal elution efficiency achieved with COMET™ to warrant complete antibody removal as well as staining specificity and repeatability.

Observe how tissue integrity is well-preserved after elution to enable the detection of 40 proteins on the same tissue slide.

Discover how epitope stability is assessed and fully retained across 20 elution cycles on COMET™.  

COMET™ allows users to easily develop up to 40-plex panels in a few automated steps thanks to a guided workflow to evaluate elution efficiency and marker’s epitope stability over 20 elution cycles.