An intuitive tool to start your hyperplex image analysis journey.

HORIZON™'s product front view

Designed to simplify image analysis and evaluation

HORIZON™ is a tissue analysis software tailored to COMET™ hyperplex immunofluorescence images. HORIZON™ extends the COMET™ workflow, providing a seamless integration between both systems. Leverage the COMET™-generated images and associated protocol information instantaneously. Support your assay development on COMET™ as well as your image analysis workflow by rapidly obtaining precise single-cell data for your custom downstream analysis.

Get started with HORIZON™​

Start your analysis with no coding experience​

Extract single-cell data from your hyperplex images in a few steps thanks to a user-friendly and intuitive interface​.

Segment your cells in a few clicks

Get started quickly with the COMET™-specific, pre-trained algorithm for automated nuclei segmentation and generate accurate data for downstream analysis, hassle-free.

Take full control of your hyperplex data ​

Visualize all channels with full flexibility and accurately finetune the histogram. See your adjustments applied instantly. 

Facilitated transition from image to cell phenotyping using HORIZON™’s guided or automated cell classification capabilities.

Step-by-step image analysis workflow enables quick data insights

HORIZON™ is a beta software still under development. It is for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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