An intuitive tool to start your analysis journey of COMET™ hyperplex images.

HORIZON™'s product front view

Designed to simplify image analysis and evaluation

HORIZON™ is a tissue analysis software tailored to COMET™ hyperplex immunofluorescence images. The seamless integration between both systems lets you leverage the COMET™-generated images and associated protocol information instantaneously. Support your assay development on COMET™ as well as your image analysis workflow by rapidly obtaining precise single-cell data for your custom downstream analysis.

Get started with HORIZON™​

Experience user-friendly analysis

HORIZON™ offers an intuitive interface with helpful visualization tools to simplify hyperplex image analysis.

Segment your cells in a few clicks

Get accurate data for classification and downstream analysis using pre-trained, automatic nuclei segmentation. 

Leverage a seamless COMET™ integration

Tailored to COMET™ hyperplex images, HORIZON™ loads and navigates large datasets smoothly. 

HORIZON™’s highlights are the nuclei segmentation tool and its ability to modulate the cell body expansion for a more accurate segmentation. Also, the rule-based classification tool is not only fun to define cell populations, but also helps to visualize the logical cell classification process based on the presence or absence of distinctive markers using a decision tree-based format.

Dr. Janusz Franco-Barraza's profile portrait

Dr. Janusz Franco-Barraza

Assistant Research Professor, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia

HORIZON™ is easy to use and is a really good software to get a quick overview of an image analysis. The quality of nuclei segmentation that is obtained in one click, would take me up to one week of optimization with other tools.

Dr. Amine Majdi's profile portrait

Dr. Amine Majdi

Postdoctoral researcher, Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers, Paris

Facilitated transition from image to cell phenotyping using HORIZON™’s guided or automated cell classification capabilities.

Step-by-step image analysis workflow enables quick data insights

HORIZON™ is a software for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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