EACR 2022

Annual Meeting

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June 20-22 2022

Booth #35

AUD 2+3

Lunaphore at EACR 2022

Join us at the EACR 2022 Annual Meeting at booth #35 and discover the next generation of spatial biology solutions that do not require any upstream conjugation or barcoding and simplify the adoption of spatial biology for every lab. Learn how to minimize validation challenges. Get more data faster. Follow our exclusive presentation featured at our symposium. Meet our scientists on-site to discover new ways of utilizing standard reagents to perform high-plex immunofluorescence assays, empowering your lab with a fast and reliable slide-in data-out approach.

Lunaphore has re-engineered multiplex IHC on tissue samples, not dictated by reagents. Our hyperplex solution, COMET™, works with any non-conjugated primary antibody you already know. The system is powered by a patented chip technology to extract proteomic data from tissue samples while keeping it in a morphological context. All-in-one, hyperplex IF solution for all labs End-to-end automation of multiplex immunofluorescence staining and imaging with simple and efficient assay optimization guidance. Multiplex with standard, non-conjugated antibodies Use any of your tissue samples, the way you already use them, while working with your standard antibody libraries, without conjugation or barcoding. More data, faster Set up a new multiplex assay in days and start generating full immunofluorescence data sets of up to 40-plex on a daily base for 4 samples in parallel.

June 20, 2022


12:45 PM CEST

AUD 2+3


  • Novel technology for hyperplex sequential immunofluorescence (seqIF) – Dr. Dupouy
  • COMET™ – high-throughput spatial proteomics using non-conjugated antibody – Dr. Dupouy
  • Streamline panel design and validation – Dr. Dupouy
  • Multiplexed spatial proteomics using sequential immunofluorescence: a core facility perspective – Dr. Stadler
  • Building a multiplexed immunofluorescence panel with COMET™: use cases – Dr. Stadler


Dr. Diego Dupouy

Dr. Diego Dupouy

Co-founder & CTO


Diego studied bioengineering in Argentina. In 2008, he got awarded a scholarship to pursue a Master’s degree in Nanotechnologies as a joint program between Politecnico di Torino (Italy), INPG (France), and EPFL. He led his master’s project at IBM Research (California). He pursued a Ph.D. from EPFL, dealing with developing microfluidic systems for applications in the field of tissue-based diagnostics, where he learned how to carry on multidisciplinary projects and communicate with doctors.

Diego is one of the founders and CTO of Lunaphore. He is in charge of leading the activities of the R&D team. This includes the development of our prototypes, our microfluidic chips, and immunohistochemical assays. He also manages the relationship with critical suppliers for development and production. Always interested in entrepreneurship, he is convinced that the only way to do a great job is to love what you do (any similarity to a quote is mere coincidence).

Dr. Charlotte Stadler

Dr. Charlotte Stadler

Head of the National Spatial Proteomics Facility


Charlotte started her research as a Ph.D. student within the Human Protein Atlas program in 2008, focusing on developing protocols and validation methods for subcellular mapping of the human proteome using imaging. She is now Head of the National Spatial Proteomics Facility located at Science for Life Laboratories, where their focus lies in multiplexed immunofluorescence imaging. Their close link to the Human Protein Atlas puts them in a unique position as they have access to a proteome-wide antibody library that allows for the detection of most human protein targets in many applications.

June 21, 2022

Poster Presentation

5:00 – 6:00 PM CEST

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