EACR-OECI Molecular Pathology Approach to Cancer

March 28-30


Centro Congressi Giovanni XXIII

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Join us in Bergamo for the EACR-OECI Molecular Pathology Approach to Cancer Conference.

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Mapping the tumor budding and its microenvironment in colorectal cancer using hyperplex sequential immunofluorescence and label-free primary antibodies

Dr. Cansaran Saygili Demir, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Bern
Dr. Pamela Pulimeno, Scientific Marketing Specialist, Lunaphore

March 29, 08:45am-09:00am


Characterization of tumor budding and its microenvironment in colorectal cancer using hyperplex immunofluorescence 

Dr. Cansaran Saygili Demir, University of Bern



Molecular pathology is revolutionizing clinical practice in oncology and pathology, paving the way for precision medicine, and has become a rapidly growing area of research. Skilled molecular pathologists are a critical factor in advancing cancer research and improving patient care.

This conference is an excellent opportunity for attendees to gain a comprehensive understanding of the scope, methods, future directions, and challenges in molecular pathology, with a particular focus on comprehensive genomic profiling in cancer research and clinical settings.

The conference discusses innovative approaches for empowering the next generation of molecular pathologists from practical and educational viewpoints. Upcoming applications of multiparametric immunoanalysis, liquid biopsy and artificial intelligence in pathology will be addressed. The meeting will help participants to establish a network of interactions and to build bridges to foster cross disciplinary studies.