How to get all information from your tissue sample with less complexity

An introduction to automated Multiplexing IHC and Spatial genomic analysis

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December 2 2021

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Unraveling tumoral markers’ expression, distribution, and interaction is crucial for disease diagnosis and treatment. The past decade marks a milestone in the field of tissue analytics. From low- to high-multiplexing methods of immunohistochemistry (IHC), new technologies have identified complex tumoral marker patterns. Our presentation will provide an overview of how we could upgrade your standard IHC methods to multiplexing IHC methods and spatial genomics technic for single-transcript detection. We will also introduce how automation can support all these technics’ quality, efficiency, and rapidity.

December 2, 2021

What you will learn:
  • How a novel high-precision microfluidic technology enables rapid automated tissue analysis;
  • How a microfluidic-based instrument allows for protein and nucleic acid study.