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April 25 - 26

London UK

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Mark your calendars for the Immuno Conference in London! 

Join us and engage directly with our expert scientists to discover spatial multiomics on COME™️. Experience firsthand how you can simultaneously detect RNA and proteins within the same section, all at a subcellular level of detail. 

Our protease-free, fully automated workflow enables multiomics scalability for all stages of research.  Interested in elevating your spatial biology projects with our multiomics solutions? Reach out to us now to arrange a detailed discussion with our dedicated team. 

A two-day event packed with leading speakers, research and cutting-edge presentations on the latest advancements in the discovery & development of cancer immunotherapies.

April 25


April 25

12:50 PM

Track 1: Discovery & Development: Cell & Gene and Combination Therapies

  • Spatial profiling of both RNA and protein markers on the same tissue section at the single-cell level is required to discover and validate spatial biomarkers.  
  • Here, we show a novel multiomics approach that integrates RNAscope™ and sequential immunofluorescence (seqIF™) to simultaneously identify RNA and protein targets on the same tissue section in a fully automated workflow.
  • This unique approach will enable researchers to generate highly reproducible data to characterize novel molecular signatures and support the development of targeted therapies. 
  • We will also present how the visualization of the cellular sources of cytokines with RNAscope™ can provide essential insights on CAR-T target safety, biodistribution, and tumor infiltration in pre-clinical testing