ABRF 2022

Annual Meeting

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March 28-30 2022

Booth #105

Palm Springs USA

Lunaphore at the ABRF 2022

Join us at ABRF 2022 Annual Meeting and attend our innovation theatre. Find us at booth #105, where we will feature Lunaphore’s Spatial Biology solutions and perform live demos to showcase LabSat® and COMET™ at our stand.

March 30, 2022

Innovation Theatre

12:15 PM PT

Booth #105


  • Novel technology for fast multiplex IHC
  • Product portfolio: TSA-based and SeqIF IHC assays
  • Data: our solutions in a core facility’s hands.

What you will learn:

  • How our innovation enables fast hyperplex assays using any primary antibody you know, without conjugation.
  • How the Sequential immunofluorescence (SeqIF) approach eliminates the burden of long assay development time.
  • How you can streamline your core facility workflow with a sample-in image-out approach.