Spatial Biology US 2021

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September 27-30 2021

4:30 PM EST


Lunaphore at Spatial Biology US 2021

Join us at the Spatial Biology US Conference and follow our exclusive presentation to hear Dr. Saska Brajkovic demonstrate how the COMET™ platform provides an open solution for the challenges of Multiplex Immunofluorescence technology.

September 21, 2021


4:30 PM EST


Multiplexed immunofluorescence is a technique which can provide unparalleled insight into biomarker expression-based analyses in tissue, including studying the interaction of different cell types in the tumor microenvironment using a single tissue section. One of the challenging aspects related to this technique is the optimization of new markers and building marker panels of interest. Here, we present a fast, robust and automated method for optimizing hyper-plex panels using the COMET™ technology.