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Spatial Biology – Accelerating Translational Research & Clinical Applications

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April 7 2022

11:15 AM CET


Accelerating Translational Research & Clinical Applications

Join us on our webinar and gain comprehensive insights into cutting-edge spatial biology tools from Dr. Pamela Pulimeno, Scientific Marketing Specialist, and Alix Faillétaz, AppDev Sustaining Engineer at Lunaphore.

April 7, 2022


11:15 AM CET

Learning points:

  • Learn about multiplex imaging and how it facilitates the study of the tumor microenvironment.
  • Learn how to overcome current challenges of multiplex assays: difficult optimization and low reproducibility.
  • Discover how LabSat® performs automated multiplex assays in a few hours and with high reproducibility.
  • See data showing high-quality results from healthy to tumoral samples on mice and human tissues.