Lunaphore and abcam announce agreement for primary antibody validation for use on COMET™, combining power of trusted antibody provider with superior multiplex capabilities

Lunaphore and abcam announce agreement for primary antibody validation for use on COMET™, combining power of trusted antibody provider with superior multiplex capabilities

LAUSANNE, Switzerland and CAMBRIDGE, UK – April 6, 2023 – 5:00 pm (CEST)Lunaphore, a Swiss life sciences company developing technology to enable spatial biology in every laboratory, and abcam (NASDAQ: ABCM), a global life science company working together with researchers to advance science and enable faster breakthroughs, today announced an agreement to co-market abcam primary antibodies specifically validated for use on Lunaphore’s COMET™ platform.

The agreement will enable researchers to use abcam’s antibodies without conjugation directly on the COMET™ platform, with unparalleled scalability and reproducibility. By using validated primary antibodies together with the capabilities of COMET™, researchers can accelerate assay development processes and achieve reliable results. The partnership also aims to address the reproducibility crisis in life sciences by providing trusted tools for multiplex immunofluorescence analysis.

Lunaphore recently expanded its offerings to become the first universal, end-to-end solution for spatial biology research. Lunaphore’s COMET™ is the only high-throughput, hyperplex platform ensuring scalability and reproducibility without the need to conjugate primary antibodies. It has a wide range of research applications across multiple disciplines and drug development stages, provides walk-away automation, and allows for the generation of highly robust and reproducible hyperplex data with full tissue preservation that answers the growing needs of translational research.

“This collaboration underscores the importance we place on using antibodies from trusted and proven vendors like abcam. We understand how important it is to the research community to use antibodies that they already know and rely on and be able to directly transfer and use them for multiplexing,” said Déborah Heintze, Chief Marketing Officer at Lunaphore. “We are very proud to see how customers can already optimize and run new panels in days. Proposing validated abcam antibodies on COMET will help streamline and scale the researchers’ multiplexing capabilities even more.”

“We’re excited to be partnering with Lunaphore to offer the life science community a library of primary antibodies validated for use with Lunaphore’s automated platform for hyperplex immunofluorescence analysis,” said Courtney Nicholson, Vice President Business Development at abcam. “Spatial biology is truly revolutionizing our understanding of human health and disease, and we are pleased to be working together with Lunaphore to support researchers with the tools they need to further advance this promising new field.”

Lunaphore and abcam will present novel data together in a poster at the upcoming American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2023, taking place April 14-19, highlighting shared research:

Automated multiplex immunofluorescence enables single cell analysis of tumor stroma

Poster #: 4616, Section 4

Date and time: April 18, 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm EST

Speaker: Dr. François Rivest, Application Development Team Leader, Lunaphore


About COMET™

COMET™ is the only fully automated, high-throughput, hyperplex platform ensuring scalability and reproducibility without the need to conjugate primary antibodies. COMET™ provides walk-away automation, integrating staining, imaging, and image preprocessing steps to obtain standard hyperplex images. COMET™ generates highly robust and reproducible data with full tissue preservation, allowing researchers to perform downstream modalities such as H&E or transcriptomics using the same slide. Its superior tissue profiling capabilities facilitate the analysis of 40 different spatial markers in each automated run on a tissue slide. In contrast to other spatial biology solutions, COMET™ works with off-the-shelf, label-free primary antibodies, making panel design much more flexible and faster than any other hyperplex solution. COMET™ works with regular glass slides from standard histology workflows; it is validated for human and mouse samples and is compatible with any other animal sample. The platform can be used for a wide range of research applications, allowing for a dramatic improvement in the understanding of disease pathology. Orders of the new COMET™ version can be placed and will be available for shipment in the upcoming months. To learn more about the COMET™ platform, please visit: .


About Lunaphore

Lunaphore Technologies S.A. is a Swiss company born in 2014 with the vision of enabling spatial biology in every laboratory. Lunaphore provides solutions based on a game-changing chip technology that can extract spatial proteomic and transcriptomic data from tumors and other tissues, transforming any assay into multiplex spatial biology through a streamlined and easily integrated process. Lunaphore empowers researchers in immunology, immuno-oncology, and neuroscience to push the boundaries of scientific discovery and drug development. Lunaphore’s technology enables the identification of biomarker “signatures” with clinical relevance to support the development of diagnostic tools and streamline clinical trials, to ultimately improve patient outcomes. For further information on Lunaphore and its products, please visit


About abcam

At abcam, we believe that the scientific community goes further, faster, when we go there together. And to keep on making ground-breaking discoveries, we need to work together in new ways. That’s why we’re constantly innovating to help scientists drive their research forward by providing products and solutions that play an essential role in fundamental research, drug discovery, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

We started with a simple mission: to provide the best biological reagents to life scientists worldwide. Today, we help 750,000 researchers in over 130 countries deliver faster breakthroughs in areas like cancer, neurological disorders, infectious diseases, and metabolic disorders.

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