Lunaphore announces successful installation of COMET™ PA and LabSat® at SciLifeLab

Lunaphore announces successful installation of COMET™ PA and LabSat® at SciLifeLab

LAUSANNE, Switzerland – February 22, 2022 – 4:00 pm (CET) – Lunaphore, a leading provider of spatial biology solutions, announced the successful installation of its COMET™ PA instrument at SciLifeLab in Sweden. As part of Lunaphore’s ambitious commercial strategy in 2022, both a new COMET™ PA and a LabSat® were installed at SciLifeLab, an internationally-recognized institution for the advancement of molecular biosciences. SciLifeLab will implement both of the products, as part of their research infrastructure service offering, and in their ongoing research on colon and lung cancer.

The Spatial and Single-Cell Biology (SSCB) platform at SciLifeLab offers several spatial ‘omics’ methods as a service, including advanced single-cell sequencing, spatial transcriptomics, in situ sequencing, spatial mass spectrometry, and spatial proteomics. With the installation of COMET™ PA, as part of Lunaphore’s Priority Access Program, the SSCB platform will begin to fully integrate COMET™ into its workflow and offer it as a service to research customers. Researchers will use COMET™ to accelerate their research exploring the cellular landscape across several tissue types.

“The biggest advantage with this instrument is that it relies on secondary antibodies for detection and thus any primary antibody working in regular tissue staining applications can be directly used and included in a multiplexed panel,” said Dr. Charlotte Stadler, Co-Director of the SSCB Platform and Head of the Spatial Proteomics Unit at SciLifeLab. “For our users who are working on diverse projects including a variety of key protein markers this is a great solution as they can continue to work with the same antibodies they already have experience from.”

“During the onboarding week with Lunaphore Field Applications Specialists, the hands-on training on COMET™ and LabSat® enabled users to immediately implement optimization protocols with various projects, including integrating LabSat® into their workflow with different applications,” said Everton Robinson, Ph.D., Vice President of Sales and Customer Support at Lunaphore. “The successful installation and implementation of the COMET™ PA platform at SciLifeLab is exciting not only due to the wide variety of research applications the technology enables but also because of its use in the daily operations of a large-scale research service.”

“This is another significant step of our commercial strategy and a key milestone of our vision making spatial biology mainstream,” said Ata Tuna Ciftlik, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Lunaphore. “We are dedicated to building solutions that simplify the adoption of spatial biology technologies for laboratories and empower researchers to push the boundaries of their research.”

To learn more about the research performed by SciLifeLab with COMET™ PA, watch the on-demand webinar here.

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