Automated Chromogenic RNAscope™ In Situ Hybridization on LabSat®

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April 28 2021

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We are pleased to invite you to this exclusive webinar where we present the results of a proof of concept study done on our staining platform: LabSat®.

The RNAscope™ assay, based on ACD’s technology for signal amplification and background suppression, was optimized on LabSat® to result in well-preserved morphology, uniform staining with excellent signal-to-noise ratio, and readily detectable punctate signal dots – comparable to the manual assay on the mouse and human FFPE samples. Concomitantly, the assay turnaround time was shortened concerning the manual and other automated CISH protocols. Overall, we have proven the capability of the microfluidic platform LabSat® to automate the RNAscope™2.5 HD-BROWN CISH assay with reproducible staining results. The microfluidic platform brings the benefits of a shorter run time and reliability of a compact desktop system.

April 28, 2021

  • Introduction
  • Lunaphore’s patented microfluidic staining technology & the LabSat® Instrument
  • RNAscope™ technology and general workflow
  • Results
  • Conclusions and Outlooks


Deniz Eroglu

Deniz Eroglu

Project Manager Scientific Affairs


Deniz received his bachelor’s degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering in 2009 and his master’s degree in Microsystems in 2012 from METU, Ankara, Turkey, where he worked on developing novel microresonant mass sensors for cell detection applications. After spending two years as a research assistant at EPFL, he started working at Lunaphore on a short-term Intellectual Property (IP) project. He then joined the company full-time in October 2015 as Intellectual Property Manager. He is responsible for managing the IP portfolio, advising the management on IP strategy, and gathering and structuring information on critical topics relevant to strategic decision-making.