Biomarkers UK 2022

May 3-4, 2022

May 4 2022

Booth #31

London UK

Lunaphore at Biomarkers UK 2022

Join us at Biomarkers UK 2022 and attend our solution provider presentation. Find us at booth #31, where we will feature Lunaphore’s LabSat® instrument and perform live demos at our stand.

May 4, 2021


12:15 PM BST

London, UK

Multiplexing immunofluorescence imaging enables the analysis of the whole tissue microenvironment: the single cell resolution combined with spatial localization retrieves the information of cellular relationships and organization within the same morphological context. However, the complexity of the analysis, time-consuming optimization, and execution of staining protocols, as well as significant challenges in result reproducibility, slow down the wide adoption of such a powerful research tool. This talk will introduce how COMET™ performs automated staining and imaging, achieving high-quality, reproducible, and consistent results thanks to the Fast Fluidic Exchange™ (FFeX™) microfluidic technology.