Biotrac - Spatial Biology Symposium and Workshop

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September 14-16

Germantown, MD



This exceptional in-person Spatial Biology event consists of a two-day symposium and a one-day hands-on in silico based laboratory workshop.  The symposium features esteemed experts from pathology, spatial biology, multiplex immunofluorescence, artificial intelligence, and translational medicine to explore the latest advancements in the field. Focused on predictive and prognostic models, this gathering offers captivating presentations and insightful discussions.

The one-day workshop (Sept 14th) is devoted to in silico based laboratory exercises, using software to explore artificial intelligence and applications in Spatial Data Analysis: Hypothesis-Driven and Unbiased Spatial Data Analysis.

September 15


September 15

1:00 - 2:00 PM

Plenary session

  • Employ standard, “off-the-shelf” reagents 
  • Panel development and optimization in a few days
  • High Throughput Coupled with High Reproducibility
  • Robust Segmentation and Phenotyping with HORIZON™


James Denegre, Ph.D.

James Denegre, Ph.D.

Field Application Specialist

Lunaphore Technologies

James Denegre, PhD. received a degree in Developmental Genetics from Wesleyan University, and completed post-doctoral training in patterning of the embryo at Brown University. He eventually found his way to The Jackson Laboratory, where he built the Imaging Core and introduced imaging modalities such as intra vital imaging, optical projection tomography, and whole slide imaging-based image analysis. His proudest accomplishment at the Laboratory was participating in the Knockout Mouse Project (KOMP); an international collaborative effort to create a knockout mouse line for every gene in the genome, and ascribe gene function through extensive phenotyping. Dr. Denegre led Laboratory efforts in the design and creation of the Embryonic Lethal portion of KOMP, involving multiple imaging modalities and development of an Image Informatics database. Dr. Denegre recently joined the commercial world as an Application Scientist, providing spatial biology support for Lunaphore customers.