International Spatial Biology Congress

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July 11 - 12

The Hague Netherlands

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Mark your calendars for the International Spatial Biology Conference in The Hague! 

Join us and engage directly with our expert scientists to discover spatial multiomics on COME™️. Experience firsthand how you can simultaneously detect RNA and proteins within the same section, all at a subcellular level of detail. 

Our protease-free, fully automated workflow enables multiomics scalability for all stages of research. Interested in elevating your spatial biology projects with our multiomics solutions? Reach out to us now to arrange a detailed discussion with our dedicated team. 

With a single track over two days, featuring more than 30 presentations, you will discover the latest developments in spatial omics and techniques, bioinformatics, and spatial biology data analysis, as well as the application of spatial biology to disease and drug development. There will also be a dynamic exhibition room filled with providers showcasing their spatial technologies with ample networking opportunities, an interactive panel discussion, roundtables, and a poster competition

July 11


July 11

2:55 - 3:10 PM

Session: Spatial Multiomics Techniques & Approaches

  • Learn how to generate reproducible spatial data with COMET™, a universal hyperplex solution for high-throughput spatial multiomics. 
  • Explore the cellular microenvironment from assay development to cohort analysis in a few weeks thanks to the COMET™ fully automated solution.   
  • Discover our new fully automated, spatial multiomics workflow that integrates the simultaneous detection of RNA, with RNAscope™ HiPlex, and protein, with sequential immunofluorescence (seqIF™), on the same tissue section at the single-cell level.   


William McTavish

William McTavish

Technical Sales Specialist