Immunotherapy Bridge 2021

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December 1-2 2021

6:10 PM CEST

Naples Italy

Lunaphore at Immunotherapy Bridge 2022

Join us at the Immunotherapy bridge hybrid meeting on December 1-2, 2021 and attend our exclusive roundtable!

December 2, 2021

Roundtable discussion

6:10 PM CEST


Cancer therapies based on immune checkpoint inhibitors have aroused as new therapeutic strategies in recent decades, and are finally achieving a significant treatment efficacy. Limited knowledge on both treatment mechanisms and tumor heterogeneity entangles the clinical decision on which combination of immunotherapies to be used and which patient would benefit the most.

Essential premise for precision medicine holds the dissection of the components and the features of local tumor milieu in each individual patient. Spatial Omics technologies such as multiplex-immunohistochemistry staining are emerging at frantic pace as a tool to demystify the landscape description of the cancer immune-contexture.

In situ biomarker analyses acts as game changer to deepen the status quo about the mechanisms of response and resistance to different immunotherapy combinations. Sharp understanding of patient stratification based on local tumor dynamics will eventually benefit cancer patients substantially.