MarketsAndMarkets: Next Gen Immuno-Oncology Conference

March 9-10


ILEC CC & Ibis London Earl's Court

About the Event

Join us in London for the MarketsAndMarkets: Next Gen Immuno-Oncology Conference.

Meet our scientists at our booth to discover the only spatial biology solution which does not require any upstream conjugation or barcoding.

Our solutions allow you to minimize validation challenges and move fast from biomarker discovery to translational research.

Want to know more about our spatial biology solutions? Send us a message and secure a meeting with the team.


Mapping the cellular architecture of the tumor microenvironment with novel label-free hyperplex immunofluorescence

Dr. Angelo Da Rosa

Join the talk to:

  • Discover the added value of spatial biology – moving from single-plex IHC to hyperplex immunofluorescence
  • Learn how to run sample-in data-out hyperplex stainings on the COMET™ platform
  • Explore the advantages of working with non-conjugated primary antibody clones to characterize the tumor microenvironment

Our 7th Annual MarketsandMarkets Next Gen Immuno-Oncology Conference to be held on 9th – 10th March 2023, in London, would address the challenges and future directions in IO research. The congress aims to bring academicians, researchers, and scientists from research institutes to pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to discuss the latest updates in development of ADC’s, Bispecific Antibodies, Cellular Therapy and Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors.

This congress would also focus on various combination strategies, pre-clinical and translational immune-oncology developments, updates in cellular and viral therapies, vaccines development and personalized immunotherapy. Keynote presentations, Brainstorming Panel Discussions and Case studies will give the stakeholders an opportunity to discuss and understand the issues faced and come up with solutions.

With more than 20 speakers across the world from pharma, bio-pharma, and biotech companies, the congress will discuss the latest updates in the development of ADC’s, Monoclonal Antibodies, Bispecific Antibodies, Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors, and Cellular Therapy.

Link to the conference website.