Spatial Biology US East Coast

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June 10 - 11

Boston USA

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Mark your calendars for the Spatial Biology US Conference in Boston! 

Join us and engage directly with our expert scientists to discover spatial multiomics on COME™️. Experience firsthand how you can simultaneously detect RNA and proteins within the same section, all at a subcellular level of detail. 

Our protease-free, fully automated workflow enables multiomics scalability for all stages of research. Interested in elevating your spatial biology projects with our multiomics solutions? Reach out to us now to arrange a detailed discussion with our dedicated team. 

Transforming disease understanding & fast-tracking the effective implementation of spatial technologies by connecting multi-omic experts from across the East Coast.

June 10


June 10

12:10 - 12:30

Track 2: Image Analysis, AI-Powered Imaging & Digital Pathology for Spatial Biology

  • Multiple biomarkers are needed to study Crohn’s disease and the gut. 
  • A 19-plex panel was used on the COMET™ platform; images were analyzed using Lunaphore HORIZON™. 
  • The altered immune organization in CD patients highlights the potential impact of nutrient absorption and immune function.  


Emily Holt, Ph.D.

Emily Holt, Ph.D.

Field Application & Technical Sales Specialist


Gaurav Joshi, Ph.D.

Gaurav Joshi, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist

Nikon BioImaging Lab

With two decades of experience in microscopy, and cell biology, Gaurav leads efforts at the Nikon BioImaging Lab (NBIL) to implement various spatial biology and advanced imaging solutions in support of the growing life science space. He has worked with many scientists across industry and academia to advance research and discovery with his expertise in imaging and image analysis. Ask him more about his past and current work, and to discuss the developments in the field of spatial multiplex imaging.