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September 15-16

Boston, USA

Hilton Boston Logan

Reproducibility. Scalability. Proven multi-omics automation.

Meet our scientists at booth #15 to discover the only spatial biology solution which does not require any upstream conjugation or barcoding. Its unique microfluidic technology provides users with high assay reproducibility and scalability, allowing them to move fast from biomarker discovery to translational research.

Lunaphore’s COMET™ is the first to demonstrate the feasibility of full workflow automation for single-cell, multi-omics analysis on the same tissue slide.

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The Spatial Biology US conference brings together spatial experts, researchers and scientists for participating in focused discussions, workshops and give presentations that mirror the current challenges and future opportunities of the spatial biology market.

Lunaphore will contribute to the scientific discussion with the dissemination of novel data generated by Dr. Markus Herrmann on the COMET™ mIF platform. Details of the presentation are accessible below.

Congress agenda and registrations are accessible here.


Customer presentation

16 September 2022

9:30 EST

Join this talk to discover more on:

  • Interactive visualization and computational analysis of high-dimensional immunofluorescence slide microscopy imaging data for cancer research and molecular cancer diagnostics
  • Combination of human expert annotation, machine learning-based computer vision, and spatial statistics for quantitative single-cell analysis to describe and model patterns of immune cell infiltrates and interactions between individual cells in spatial tissue context
  • Discovery and development of quantitative tissue imaging biomarkers for molecularly targeted therapy and immunotherapy


Markus D. Herrmann, MD, PhD

Markus D. Herrmann, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School & Director of Computational Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital

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