Spatial biology without compromises

Tissue morphology preservation and efficient antibody elution

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June 14 2022

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Spatial immunofluorescence is a game-changer technique in the field of immune-oncology, neuroscience, and infectious diseases. When developing multiplex immunofluorescence panels, tissue preservation and efficient antibody removal are key factors to ensure signal specificity. COMET™ is based on microfluidic technology and performs sequential immunofluorescence (seqIF™) with repetitive cycles of staining, imaging, and elution. COMET™ performs fast and finely controlled antibody staining incubations without harsh tissue photobleaching or tissue ablation.

This webinar will highlight verifying tissue integrity and demonstrate how COMET™ guarantees efficient antibody elution while ensuring morphology preservation. We will also show how to assess epitope stability during seqIF™ assay and how COMET™ enables marker stability up to 20 cycles across different tissue types and species.

June 14, 2022


Dr. Pino Bordignon

Dr. Pino Bordignon

Team Leader Application Research