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Fast biomarker optimization on LabSat®

Reduce your optimization time burden with LabSat® Research

Biomarker discovery research in the field of immuno-oncology relies heavily on immunohistochemistry (IHC) assays, involving the execution of tailored protocols with a high number of steps, all of which are subject to optimization. This can be a lengthy process that can take days, weeks and even months to perform, and requires a step-by-step approach to finetune protocol conditions such as assay temperature, antibody concentration or incubation times, in order to achieve optimal results with minimal investment of resources. Turnaround times of manual assays, even for single marker stainings, often require overnight incubations, and existing automated staining platforms, while faster, still require several hours to stain one marker and can appear to be very expensive when performed for high throughput, which turns these optimization phases into a long burdensome processes.

The LabSat® Research platform is an automated tissue immunostainer device. The system is pressurized and provides precise temperature and reagent flow control in order to finetune and optimize conditions, allowing high-quality and fast multiplexing of up to 6 markers within a few hours, and can perform single-plex staining under 30 minutes. This short timeframe is particularly well suited to run fast protocols during assay optimization in just a few samples, instead of staining large batches of slides to save precious samples or reagents.

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