Easy assay development for multiplex immunofluorescence

Resource: Easy assay development for multiplex immunofluorescence

Abstract: Spatial proteomics is the new frontier in life sciences that enables the understanding of complex intercellular interactions while preserving morphological information. Multiplex immunofluorescence assays enables the study of multiple biomarkers on the same tissue type. However, the development of multiplex assay is challenging, time and reagent consuming, and error prone. In this webinar, we will show how to take advantage of our fully automated and hyperplex platform, called COMET™, to overcome these challenges. COMET™ is based on a microfluidic-patented technology and performs sequential immunofluorescence. We will present how to develop hyperplex assays in a simple, flexible and reproducible manner. Using a guided workflow, protocols can be easily optimized and transferred to other tissue types, in a few steps on COMET™.

Speaker: Emilie Peres – Application Development Engineer, Lunaphore