Harnessing the power of multiomic spatial imaging

From the Spatial Biology Week™️ 2023 - Day 1

RNAscope in situ hybridization (ISH) technology is powerful method for detecting RNA expression with single molecule sensitivity in spatial and morphological context. Backed by over 8,000 peer reviewed publications, RNAscope technology enables visualization of the widest range of diverse RNAs commercially available. In this presentation, Michaeline Bunting, PhD. from the Spatial Biology Division at BioTechne will discuss RNAscope™ multiomic spatial applications and how they can be used to uncover new insights into health and disease and advance therapeutic development. Learn more about how RNAscope works and future directions to automate RNAscope on the Lunaphore COMET™ system to develop the first fully automated same-slide spatial multiomics solution.