Targeting clonal heterogeneity in treatment-refractory glioblastoma: the spatial heterogeneity challenge

From the Spatial Biology Week™️ 2023 - Day 1

Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common primary adult brain tumor, with standard-of-care therapy inevitably leading to therapy resistance in 96% of patients, who relapse with incurable disease. This talk will review the biological profile of treatment-refractory glioblastoma, and discuss the application of an integrative multi-omics target discovery platform for human GBM which incorporates DNA cellular barcoding, glycocapture profiling of the cell surface proteome, RNA sequencing, single-cell sequencing and genome-wide CRISPR screening of primary and recurrent GBM. We will introduce a scientific program designed to address our gap in knowledge of the spatial heterogeneity of GBM, which is built together with patients and families who chose to participate in an innovative rapid autopsy GBM donor program.