Spatial proteomics: a journey to adopt highly multiplexed immunohistochemistry technologies

Multiplex protein expression analysis in tissue using immunohistochemistry has rapidly evolved over the last decade from 2- and 3-plex assays to a field of new technologies enabling highly multiplexed assays of 40 or more targets. Knowing which spatial proteomic technologies would be most effective in your lab or group is difficult. In this presentation, we walk through the value proposition for spatial proteomics, focusing on antibody- and immunohistochemistry-based spatial proteomics platforms, as well as technical review vignettes describing our lab’s experience evaluating and selecting the most appropriate media for our lab. We hope our experience can empower you on your journey into spatial proteomics.


  • Understanding of spatial proteomics platforms currently available;
  • Pros and cons of a select set of spatial proteomics platforms;
  • Decision criteria for selecting spatial proteomics platforms based on use case and workflow.