September scientific meetings summary

European Congress of Pathology 2019, Nice

Earlier this month, we were present at the European Congress of Pathology in Nice. A wide audience made of pathologists, lab managers, clinical researchers and medtech distributors, visited our booth to get to know more about our rapid staining instrument LabSat™.

We also presented our microfluidic technology to a large audience as well as 2 scientific posters which can be downloaded on the links below:


“Ultra-fast and automated immunohistofluorescent multistaining using a microfluidic tissue processor” by M.A. Comino


“Fast immunofluorescence multiplexing using a microfluidic precision autostainer and tyramide signal amplification” by A. Kehren – VIEW POSTER

“Microfluidic Immunohistochemistry for Rapid Detection of Diagnostic and Predictive Biomarkers on Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma” by M.G. Procopio – VIEW POSTER


Histalim Multiplex Histopathology Annual Meeting, Montpellier 

We attended as well the Histalim Multiplex Histopathology Annual Meeting in Montpellier with a booth and a 30 minute talk as sponsors of the event.

This meeting brings together the main industry players of the multiplexing applications. Here, we had the chance to present our technology and discuss about how it could improve research workflows for multiplexed IF and protocol optimization.



“Fast multiplex immunofluorescence using a microfluidic precision autostainer and tyramide signal amplification” by A. Kehren


Convergence in Oncology Summit, Lausanne

Our CEO, Ata Tuna Ciftlik, participated at the Convergence in Oncology Summit in the session around Medical Devices in Oncology, discussing the potential impact of our technology on cancer research and clinical practice in the upcoming years.


Annual Danish ERFA IHC meeting, Vejle 

We opened the annual meeting presenting Lunaphore’s products and our microfluidic technology to the Danish IHC community.


“Ultra-rapid automated IHC staining based on novel microfluidic tissue processor” by M.G. Procopio


5th CRI-CIMT-EATI-AACR International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference, Paris

This was our first time at the CICON conference, which has a focus on immunotherapy and cancer research. We sponsored this conference with a booth to discuss with attendees the potential of LabSat™ Research in their activities.

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