Lunaphore announces successful installation of COMET™ PA at the University of Birmingham

Lunaphore announces successful installation of COMET™ PA at the University of Birmingham

LAUSANNE, Switzerland – February 8, 2022 – 5:00 pm (CET) – Lunaphore, a Swiss life sciences company developing technology to enable spatial biology in every laboratory, today announced the successful installation of a new COMET™ PA at the University of Birmingham as part of the company’s Priority Access Program.

Researchers will use COMET™ to explore and characterize the cellular landscape across several tissue types, with an initial focus on infectious diseases and cancer immunology. The University of Birmingham researchers previously characterized the biological processes underlying COVID-19-infected placentas using COMET™.

“We recognize the importance of high-dimensional spatial biology in the future of immunology research, and following a successful trial in which we obtained exciting results, we chose COMET™ to fulfill this role,” said Dr. Matthew Pugh, MRC Clinical Research Training Fellow at the University of Birmingham. “The machine is robust, adaptable, and capable of producing the high-quality images we require for our research.”

Following the installation, Lunaphore’s dedicated product trainers conducted a hands-on onboarding session with users at the University of Birmingham, ensuring that users were autonomous in operating the instrument and familiar with the marker optimization workflow. As a result of the training, the research team could immediately start optimizing their own protocols, using the provided Lunaphore 10-plex panel as a starting point. This unique offering enables laboratories to be productive within days.

“The successful installation and implementation of the COMET™ PA platform mark a significant commercial milestone in our journey to enable spatial biology in every laboratory,” said Ata Tuna Ciftlik, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Lunaphore. “We’re excited to continue delivering our groundbreaking chip technology to help laboratories harness and unlock the full potential of spatial biology for their research.”

To learn more about the research performed by the University of Birmingham with COMET™ PA, watch our on-demand webinar:

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