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Automation of RNAscope™ assays in immuno-oncology research on LabSat®

Automation of RNAscope™ assays in immuno-oncology research on LabSat®

LabSat® is an automated tissue stainer device, allowing high-quality fast multiplexing up to 6 markers within a few hours. Lunaphore’s core technology, the Fast Fluidic Exchange (FFeX), utilizes a microfluidic Staining Chip that delivers reagents sequentially onto a tissue sample. The staining chamber is filled almost instantaneously, preventing different areas of the tissue from being incubated unevenly hence providing a great degree of signal uniformity in an ultra-controlled environment, allowing more robust and reliable results. The system is pressurized and provides temperature control in order to finetune and optimize staining conditions. This is key for image processing purposes with digital pathology tools such as signal quantification.


As with other hybridization methods, performing the RNAscope assays requires incubation and amplification cycles. These are performed under temperature-controlled conditions. The LabSat® platform allows for automation of these important steps resulting in time savings and walk-away opportunities for scientists. During the single-plex proof-of-concept test on the platform, results were achieved in 6 hours and 30 minutes following a fully automated protocol, from pre-treatment to detection and counterstaining. The same experiment, when performed manually, required up to 8 hours.

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