Technical Notes

Multiplex assays easily optimized on LabSat® and directly transferred to high-throughput instruments

Figure 1. Workflow for multiplex assay optimization: LabSat® shortens the time of panel optimization compared to Leica Bond RX.

LabSat® offers quick assay optimization and transferability to high-throughput instruments

Multiplexed immunohistochemistry (mIHC) has become a standard method across many research fields. From immuno-oncology to infectious diseases, from neuroscience to pathology, mIHC allows to quickly acquire a large amount of information on biomarker distribution and cell-to-cell interactions. Understanding the interplay between different cell populations is crucial to predict changes in patients’ response to disease or treatment. In recent years, mIHC has rapidly evolved and many efforts have been made to increase the multiplex capability as well as the number of simultaneously processed samples. Different tissue staining platforms are now available to perform high-throughput assays on multiple tissue slides. However, the design and optimization phase of multiplex panels is crucial before any high-throughput run.

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