Technical Notes

10-plex immuno-oncology panel on COMET™

10-plex immuno-oncology panel on COMET™

Automated workflow and easy integration of new markers into a 10-plex immuno-oncology panel on COMET™


Among several multiplex techniques, multiplexed immunofluorescence combines the advantage of studying several antigens of interest and preserving the spatial information of the tumor microenvironment (TME). The workflow solution developed by Lunaphore allows fully automated staining and imaging with high throughput and high quality. COMET™ is based on a patented microfluidic technology and combines rapid sequential immunofluorescence staining with integrated microscopy. It enables automation spanning sample insertion to image acquisition in one system, accessible for everyone from beginner to expert.

This COMET™ Technical Note presents an automated workflow for a core 10-plex immuno- oncology panel and the easy integration of two markers to expand an optimized panel in only a few steps.

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