Technical Notes

A core 10-plex immuno-oncology panel on COMET™

All-in-one solution for fully automated multiplexing

An immuno-oncology panel is a multiplexed assay to target both immune and tumoral biomarkers simultaneously. Among several multiplex techniques, multiplexed immunofluorescence combines the advantage of studying several antigens of interest and preserving the spatial information of the tumor microenvironment (TME).

The power of high-plex staining is to retrieve most of the information in the same morphological context, from one single sample.
But developing an immuno-oncology panel with multiplexed immunofluorescence comes with many challenges. Protocols as well as their optimization are time-consuming and repetitive, demanding significant hands-on time of the principal investigator, and limiting the output of the laboratory. Achieving reproducible results at high quality is tricky at best, especially with new antibodies. Adding the need to gather data at high throughput under the same conditions to enable meaningful interpretation often deters laboratories from using immunofluorescence tissue staining in their projects.

Lunaphore has developed a workflow solution that allows fully automated staining and imaging with high throughput and high quality. COMET™ is based on a patented microfluidic technology and combines rapid sequential immunofluorescence staining with integrated microscopy. It enables automation spanning sample insertion to image acquisition in one system, accessible for everyone from beginner to expert. As final result, users obtain a single image with all biomarkers analyzed ready to browse and analyze.

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